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98% of babies that die within their first month of life are those born in developing countries. HOPE aims to bring down infant and child mortality by providing nutritional counseling to mothers and treating children who are suffering from nutritional deficits.


A vital segment of our child health services is providing immunizations to the needy to not only prevent children from developing diseases initially, but helping to stop the spread of communicable diseases in the schools, communities, villages and region.  

Adolescent Gynecology

HOPE provided treatment to 3386 children seeking Adolescent Gynecological care in 2018. 


 With 550,000 children suffering from rickets in Bangladesh, HOPE is working hard to prevent and treat children with rickets. HOPE administers nutritional therapy to prevent and in many cases correct rickets; in severe cases, HOPE refers children to a hospital specializing in rickets operations.


Diarrhea is a leading cause of death among children in developing countries. HOPE provides vital treatment to children suffering from hygiene related disease. 

In-Patient Wards for Children

Children suffering from disease and trauma can be hospitalized and treated at HOPE’s In-Patient Ward especially for Children allowing them to receive the best care possible.

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